Pictures 1977

We made our first hiking trip in the Tärnaby mountains. We lived one night in a hotel and they had a map with a planned route there you could walk. They brought us and some other hikers to the beginning of the route. We were out in 6 days and 5 nights. When we came back in the valley we could ring in a telephone and then they came with the car and brought back us to the hotel.
We planned our trip well. Were walking with the backpack and all the stuff in the woods near our home. We slept a night in the tent in the woods and we were training on the yard to put up the tent. We read books and folders. And now it was time to pack.
We got all the stuff in the Fjällräven backpacks.
In the woodland on the way to the mountains.
I was happy there was a good bridge over this rapid river.
Ove opening his backpack. We took a lunch pause.
Me in my Greenland jacket and blue Fjällräven backpack.
Ove had the same backpack in green.
You can drink clear water from the creeks in the mountains.
This picture is blurry but I like it. Ove drinking from his red cup. My yellow cup is standing on a stone.
Packing. Soon we will move on.
We always put off our boots when we were around the tent. Then we had some light shoes.
Blueberry soup and hard bread for breakfast.
We grilled sausages (hot dogs) with some other hikers. I hurt my finger because of a mosquito-bite.
In our tent.
The Vitterskal cottage. Some years after we did this hiking they made a bigger and better cottage on this place.
Ove by our tent. There were low clouds at Vitterskalet.
Me at Vitterskalet (Tärnaby mountains). I still had the bandage on my forefinger.
It was the meaning to go to down to Hemavan to Hemavan. But we had to wade the creek Syterbäcken. The creek had too much water and was rapid and wild.
We had to go down to Klippen instead.
A gorgeous view over the valley. Ove is standing by a route mark.
Ove in his beige Greenland jacket.
Eating again.
We human are very small in these big moutains.
Ove by the tent in Vitterskalet.
It was cold, we needed to put on our hood.
Me passing a signpost.
Me in the woodland. Thirsty again.
Back in the valley, waiting for the car.