Foxy: Replacing the electrical wires


Most ot the pictures are taken by Ove Schedin

The wires should be replaced in all the apartments of the condo. Now we should get ground electricity.  Today they should do this in the apartment there we lives.
I had to go to work and should not be bothered of this. But Ove should be home. But Ove had to go out to eat. Because the power should be shut off the whole day. Here I'm on the yard on the way to work.
Me, "Walking Foxy" had the little shopping trolley on wheels with me. I should buy food on the way home from work.
The first thing the electricians did was shutting off the power. They had spotlights with them. These lamps were running on batteries. They took away the old circuit breaker. The lamp in the hall was taken away too.
The took away all the lamps from the ceiling. Here are 2 kitchen lamps taken down.
And they took away all the contacts. Here it is gone in our bedroom.
Here the contact is taken away in the room there Lennart slept when he still lived home. We still cal this room for "Lennart's room".
They had to stand on our bed to take down the lamp. We put an old white sheet on the bed so he could stand on it.
They had to take away the door from our little storing room.
The door they took away is at the left. At the right our extra inside front door. Than we avoid noise. Beside the closet the electric contact is gone too.
We had to put away the sofa because there is a contact at the right of the radiator.
The contact to the computer is gone too.
The contact of the freezer is gone to, oh my!!!! But the stuff in the freezer did not thaw.
The bag of the electrician on the kitchen table.. At the right of the bag the contact is gone too.
The mess in Lennart's room.
The lamp is taken down in Lennart's room.
We had to take away the bureau chest of drawers too. Here were 2 contact and a wire out to the balcony.
A new contact at the left. At the right the contact for the TV antenna.

The electrician told us we did not need to take out thins of the kitchen cabinet. But the electrician and we had bad luck. The person who installed this cabinet had put in a nail in the electric pipe, and then they could not draw the wire though the pipe.

Luck for the electrician that Ove was home. He took out the stuff. The electrician took away the white backside to get out the nail.
The shelves and the backside of the cabinet.
They had the change the things on the balcony too and lead the cable another way. Here the balcony lam is cut off.
The electrician put the cable this way.
Here the electrician put in the new circuit breaker.
The new circuit breaker.
There were bits of cable everywhere in the apartment. Also many very small bits.
More bits of cable. And there were also tiny bits of copper wire everywhere and that was difficult to clean away.

This picture is funny. An electrician lying on the sink unit. He made a new contact for our little dish washer.

Ove also had to take away stuff from one shelf in this cabinet. And he also had to take out the stuff in the cabinet that is under the electrician.
They took away the stove. Now Ove could clean there.
The old wires from our apartment.
The pictures down below are taken by me.
I came home and was hanging my jacket on the hat rack. All the other clothes were taken away because they should drill here and it was very dusty.
I did not believe her eyes when I saw the mess and the stuff from the cabinets. If we should have know we had taken way this the day before. But it was not the fault of the electrician. It was the fault of the man who installed the cabinet for many years ago.
The drawer cabinet and the sofa taken away. Later in the evening Lennart helped us to put the furniture back.
The stuff from the kitchen cabinet on our bed.
Stuff on the table.
Plastic bags and ohter stuff on the floor. Ove started vacuuming while I picked up things.
Stuff on the sink-unit. The microwave-oven is taken away.
The microwave-oven was standing in the bedroom.
Mess in the hall. Ove's blue hooded jacket is lying under his stripy sweat shirt.
The rest of the jackets and hall clothes was in this room on a chair.
Hurray, the lamp is back and we have a new circuit breaker.
Kitchen cabinet stuff.
Mess on Lennart's bed.
Mess in the living room.
After cleaning up, the apartment looked cozy and tidy again.
Down below I will show how nice it is with lamps.
The light is so important.
The clothes are back in the hall. You can see the new  circuit breaker too.
Lamps in the hall.
Lamps in the living room.
Lamps in the living room.
Ove inherit old lamp from his mother.
Lamps in the living room.
Lamp in the living room. In Sweden we use many small lamps to make it cosy.
A lamp on the wall.
We also use small lamp hanging in the windows.
Or we use small lamps standing in the windows. We use both.
We use both.
Our new sink-unit lamp that the electrician installed.
A window lamp hanging in the kitchen.
Hanging window lamp, standing window lamp and lamp in the ceiling.
Hanging window lamp in the bedroom.
Lamps in our bedroom. Also one on the ceiling.
The side of the bedroo there Foxy is sleeping and have many sweet dreams :-)

This night I was dreaming about a lot of wire.

We had a lot of fun about all the small cable bits. They were everywhere. When we were lying in bed we heard several times: "Tick.....tick..... tick". It were small bits of cut off cable that had been hiding in our bed. And we could not stop laughing.

I awoke smiling. And felt so happy that we now had grounded electricity. And got so cosy tidy in the home again after the cleaning.

But the cleaning was fun too. :-)
Wilhelmina Schedin 2016-09-03