Rödluvan in the snow
Part 31

Fairy tale land part 2
I still had a purple face. Here I will show part 2 in winter fairy tale land.
2009-12-23. The playground in the light of the purple spotlight
Me in the snow in our street.
2009-12-23. The bus in our street.
2009-12-23. A car in our street.
2009-12-23. The bike house.
2009-12-23. Our house. A yellow light tube on the balcony. Electric advent candles and a red lamp in the windows.
2009-12-23.The purple playground in a fairy tale land.
2009-12-23. Me in the snow.
2009-12-28. We got a lot of snow and the fence around the playground is snowed over.
2009-12-28. Soon this car is gone under the snow.
2009-12-28. Much snow on The path to the garage
2009-12-28. The bus and a car in our street. The roads are plowed. But the side walks were gone under the snow.
2009-12-28. The bus in our street and a hooded ghost ;)
2009-12-31. Now the playground is in yellow light. You can push on a bottom and the you get a lot of light from anohter flood light. Then you can be on the play ground with the childern.

Because of we have so dark in winter they installed this, so the children can be out an play on he yard. But after a while this lamp is automatic switching off. And then you see the purple fairy tale light again.

2009-12-28. Snowed in car.
2009-12-28. Me with snow on my hood. It was cold that day and I had to hide herself in her hood.
2009-12-31. You can see the snowflakes falling under the floodlight.
2009-12-31. The yard was coloured in yellow from the floodlight and coloured in green from another lamp.
2009-12-31. A neighbour, who is a father of some children took a spade and made this path so we could reach the play ground.
2009-12-31. Yellow snow with some sparkles. And purple snow.
2009-12-31. The Christmas tree. The stripes on the picture are snow flakes.
2009-12-31. Me in the snow at New Years Eve. The Christmas tree in the background.
2009-12-31. The view to the play ground from our balcony. But I took the picture through the window. Because the balcony was snowed in.
2010-01-02. A vacation cottage in the country?
No, it's a bike house on the yard in the blue hour.
2010-01-02. I was in winter paradise.
2010-01-02. The ground light was brightening up the birch. The light is now on a lamp on the ground. The warmth of the lamp is thawing  the snow.

In the corner at the right you can see a carpet-beating rack. But now there is a snow carpet on the rack :-)

2010-01-02. Here the big yellow flood light is off. And you can see the blue-purple fairy tale light. Also this picture is taken through the window.
2010-01-03. The Christmas tree a cloudy night.
2010-01-03. Purple-pink snow with sparkles!!
The fairy tale lamp makes the snow purple. It was beautiful!
2010-01-03. A shadow with a pointed hood. ;-)
2010-01-03. Fairy tale land blue and purple. This was so gorgeous!
2010-01-03. Now there was much snow on the play ground. Most paly toys were snowed over.
2010-01-03. It was like being on another planet.
2010-01-03. A frosty swing.
2010-01-03. Aaaawww!
2010-01-03. Blue-purple snow. It was cold that night too.
2010-01-03. I needed my hand-warming-heart. I also ha a little flash light with her.
2010-01-12. Much snow and sparkles on bushes by work.
2010-01-12. Sparkles on the snow.
2010-01-12. Sparkles on the snow.

Some older night pictures

2002-11-24. White frost on twigs.
2002-11-24. White frost on a bush.
2002-11-24. White frost on a lilac bush.
2002-11-28. Christmas tree on the yard.
2006-01-18. Polar bear made of ice in town.
2005. Ice sculpture of Santa in town.
2006-02-10. A chair made of ice.
2006-02-10. The same chair. Now with the lamp on.
2006-02-10. Ice sculpture.
2006-02-10. A house made of snow.
2006-02-10. The other side of the house made of snow.
2008-12-28. Snowman in a street.
2008-12-28. Tree with golden lamps at Gammlia open air museum.
2002. The moon shining over the yard.
The moon. God's big lamp that always will give light in the darkness.
2008-12-12. A shiny happy Rödluvan. The way I had to walk was not easy. Darkness, cold and slippery roads. But I felt shiny when I saw the beauty of winter. And want to share this with others.
Wilhelmina Schedin. 2016-03-07