Rödluvan in the snow
Part 30
Fairy tale land 1
Me, Rödluvan with a purple face. What happened? There is a purple light in the playground. It's like a fairy tale land. It's dark in winter. But the light was shining on me in the darkness.
The lights in the Christmas tree on the yard are shining bright in the night.
2009-11-27. Who is that red Santa in the darkness with a smile on her face?
2009-11-27. It's me, Santa Rödluvan standing by the Christmas tree. Look,  I has a lamp on the top of her hood ;)
2009-11-27. The Christmas tree on the yard was beautiful!
2009-11-27. Another picture of the tree. Then there was very little snow.
2009-11-27. The trash house and our balcony with the light tube and the window with the advent candle.
2009-11-27. The moon was shining over the yard. You can see the top of the Christmas tree.
2009-12-04. We made a trip to Vännäs. This picture is taken from the hotel room at Hotel Vännäs.
2009-12-04. This was a little garden by the hotel with a lot of wonderful lamps. It was a winter paradise.
2009-12-04. When I was eating, in the restaurant I saw a cat in the street by the hotel. It disappeared. But later I saw the cat tracks in the snow in the garden.
2009-12-04. There  was a lot of snow falling at night. The next morning the garden was gorgeous.
2009-12-04. The street by the hotel taken from the hotel room. In this street I saw the cat the night before.
2009-12-12. A sad night on our yard, some evil being had destroyed the light in the Christmas tree. Now there was only darkness on the yard :-(
2009-12-04. But look, there is a black hooded Santa on the yard. It was my husband. (Beside the white x)
2009-12-04. He walked to the tree and got the lamps glowing again. I felt so happy and hugged my black hooded husband when he came in :-) The light will always win over the darkness.
2009-12-04. I asked a guardian angel for help. The angel protected the tree and no evil being could harm it  anymore.
2009-12-19. This playground was a fairy tale land. There is a spotlight that makes the snow coloured. That day there was not so much snow yet. At the left the top of the Christmas tree.
2009-12-19. It was snowing that night. On this picture taken with the flash you can see the snow flakes falling down.
2009-12-19. Here you can see the snowflakes in the floodlight.
2009-12-19. More snowflakes under the floodlight.
2009-12-19. This is a lamp  mounted in the ground. It's lighting up a tree.  The stripes on the picture are snowflakes. If you don't use the flash, the snow flaks looks like stripes.
2009-12-19. There is a long lamp  mount in the ground under this birch.
Me in the snow in the darkness. I took this picture myself with the flash.
2009-12-21. The bikes are snowed over.
2009-12-21. Snowing in our street.
2009-12-21. My boots disappearing under the snow.
2009-12-21. I walked to work. I had to walk on the road in car tracks.
2009-12-21. This picture is blurry but I like the snow and the light in this street.
2009-12-21. The cars were wrapped in snow.
2009-12-21. More wrapped cars.
2009-12-21. A snow decorated Christmas tree on a yard.
2009-12-21. These Norway spruces  are real growing trees. They were decorated with snow too.
2009-12-21. It was a little lighter and the snow went blue.  I walked in the "Blue hour" It's beautiful! In the distance the building there Rödluvan is working.
2009-12-21. Snow on the bushes.
2009-12-21. Work and the woods by work.
2009-12-21. Some people walked here before. I could walk in this path the people made.
2009-12-21. Snow in the dustbin.
A happy me arrived to work. This picture is taken by a co-worker 2009-12-15.
2009-12-21. On my walk home from work I saw this Swedish white beam decorated with lamps.
2009-12-21. Sparkles on the snow.
2009-12-23. The day before Christmas Eve. The tree on the yard was gorgeous!
2009-12-23. People made a little path after they walked on the yard.
2009-12-23. A car wrapped in the snow. The Christmas tree in the background.
2009-12-23. A part of the Christmas tree on the yard.
2009-12-23. The Christmas tree on the yard.
2009-12-23. It was good to use this little path that people made by walking there.
2009-12-23. This is a real growing Norway spruce. It looks real cute.
2009-12-23. A part of the Christmas tree.
2009-12-23. Here another ground spotlight that is shining up a tree. The bus stop in our street in the background

Continued in part 2

Wilhelmina Schedin. 2016-03-07